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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Trading
Hallard Upholstery / The Manchester Sofa Company

These terms and conditions of trading apply to all consumer contracts between Hallard Upholstery / The Manchester Sofa Company ("us/ we/ our") and the customer ("you / your") in relation to goods and services.

1 Product Specifications
1.1 We have a policy of constant product development and reserve the right to amend the specification of products without prior notice in relation to future sales.
1.2  Some furniture has quality natural wood exposed, for example legs. Some woods will mellow with age and exposure to sunlight.
1.3 Leather goods are made from quality natural leather and accordingly they may not be uniform in colour or texture. Leather hides may show natural marks and scars. Some leathers will mellow with age and exposure to sunlight and heat.
1.4 We will endeavor to match the colour and texture of the fabric of your sofa to the samples chosen as accurately as possible, but variations in both the colour and texture may occur. If an exact colour match is required, a stock cutting may be provided for approval and prior to the order being processed. 

2 Measurements
2.1 It is your responsibility to ensure that the furniture ordered will pass freely through into the room of your choice. If you are unsure we can arrange to have the accessibility  of your room of choice checked. 
2.2 The measurements of all furniture and furnishings made by us will be as accurate as possible, but are nevertheless approximate.

3 Prices
3.1 All prices include VAT.

4 Payments
4.1 Upon placing your order you will be required to pay 50% of the full price as a deposit.
4.2 If you pay by debit or credit card, the transaction will be handled for you by Transax merchant services. The total amount payable by you regardless of the method of payment is the same.
4.3 The balance of the cost of the goods must be made on or before the date of delivery.
4.4 If you wish to pay the balance by personal or business cheque, the cheque must be received by us at least 7 working days prior to the delivery date.
4.5 We are entitled to refuse any order placed by you.

5 Delivery
5.1 Within the Greater Manchester area, the cost of delivery is included in the sale of the goods. 
5.2 If you require delivery outside of the Greater Manchester area then a reasonable delivery charge will be incurred by you which covers our costs in delivering your goods. 
5.3 It is your responsibility to ensure that the furniture ordered will pass freely and easily into your room of choice. 
5.4 You are responsible for providing a safe and reasonable means of access from the public highway to the place of delivery. If our delivery staff considers that access is unsafe then we will not deliver the goods until safe access is provided. 
If we feel that safe access cannot be provided, then you will be required to collect the furniture from our factory within what we consider to be a reasonable time frame. 
5.5 The onus to protect your property at point of delivery i.e covering floors / carpets and removing breakable items that may impede the route is your responsibility. The onus is on you to avoid accidental damage during the delivery process. 
5.6 If we accidentally damage goods in the course of delivery, then our liability for that damage is limited to the repair, replacement or refund of the goods or the value thereof. 
5.7 Time and delivery is not of the essence in these terms and conditions of trading. We will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss of profits or other financial loss or damage suffered by you through any reasonable delay due to unforeseen circumstances.
5.8 We are not liable to provide financial recompense due to delays in delivery of your goods due to unforeseen circumstances outside of the reasonable control of Hallard Upholstery / The Manchester Sofa Company.

6 Guarantees
6.1 The provisions of this clause 6 section apply in addition to your statutory consumer rights in relation to faulty or miss-described goods. These rights are not affected by the guarantee.
6.2 For the purpose of this clause 6 the guarantor is Hallard Upholstery / The Manchester Sofa Company.
6.3 Our furniture caries a 5 year frame and springs guarantee against faulty workmanship and / or faulty materials, with the exception of fillings, coverings and legs. 
6.4 These guarantees do not cover fair wear and tear, neglect, abuse or misuse of your goods loss or damage (including rusting or corrosion) due to unreasonable exposure to water, heat or weather, loss or damage due to fire, smoke, explosion, sunlight, infestation by animals or boring insects, or theft, or accidental damage by a third party.

7 Claims under guarantee
7.1 In the event of a claim under guarantee occurring please contact us with your invoice, address and a summary of the problem.
7.2 Upon proof of fault we will endeavor to repair the defective goods free of charge. If a repair is not possible you will be offered a replacement and only if a suitable replacement is not available will you be offered a full or partial refund dependent on the age of the goods.
7.3 We wil not be liable for any direct or indirect loss of profits or other financial loss or damage arising out of defective, damaged or wrongly delivered goods, over and above the value of the goods themselves. This does not affect your statutory rights.

8 Accuracy of content
8.1 Every effort is made to ensure the complete accuracy of our website, however some prices / details may change from time to time and it is possible that errors may occur. We will use our best endeavors to rectify any errors a swiftly as possible but we cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred.

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